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      Four years of waiting, the latest drupa printing technology once again came to the China, Yuebuyue?
      Author£ºadmin Date£º2015-7-10 9:33:23 Hits£º

      Keyin network (www.keyin.cn) [news] in June 10th, four of the annual exhibition drupa 2016 officially came to an end.

      [Click to get more information about drupa2016 show]

      [Click to sign up for "2016 to China," the science and Technology Report

      According to official data show that 11 days of the exhibition, attracted a total of 1837 exhibitors from 54 countries to participate.

      At the same time, there are 188 visitors from around the world, and about 1900 reporters from around the world in 74 countries to participate in the exhibition. Of these, about 75% of visitors are managers with the ability to invest and cooperate.

      In this exhibition, the proportion of international visitors can reach 76%, about 17% of international visitors from asia. From the China visitors accounted for about 3%. As a result, the number of visitors from China has nearly 8000 people, of which about 75%, that is, the ability to make decisions about Chinese visitors about 6000 people.

      Why would attract so many Chinese to drupa to visit and study, on the one hand, because the printing industry is declining, while the Chinese printing industry is still running in a continuous development of good, enthusiastic attention of new printing technology; on the other hand, is China printing industry transformation and upgrading needs, China the printing enterprises need to find a new path of the development of the printing technology, new business model.

      This is a crucial time, as the printing enterprise managers, if not quickly follow the new trend of printing technology, abandoned by the market, may be only a matter of time.

      For various reasons can not participate in the druba 2016 exhibitions, missed the scene feel the printing of new technology and new trends of the time, do we just give the chance to those who have insight into future competitors?

      The answer, of course, is not!

      As the exhibition of China designated official cooperation network media, branch printing network also for you to prepare two kinds of rapid access to information from the exhibition, let you quickly fill this lesson.

      One method

      You can login, printing, open our specially produced for the exhibition at drupa 2016 thematic network (www.keyin.cn/drupa), can immediately get the most comprehensive, the most accurate and most authoritative and valuable first-hand information from the exhibition;

      You can pay attention to "Department of printing" the official WeChat, we will be the first time for you to push the drupa 2016 exhibition of the most valuable content.

      Method two

      We participated in the July 28, 2016 China Science and Technology Hall in Beijing held 2016 "in China," the national science and technology report.

      By then, our experts will be brought back from the exhibition of new technologies, new applications, so that if you are on the scene, timely grasp of market opportunities!

      One day, the latest application of the latest trends, the latest technology, the druba exhibition, there are more cost-effective than this one?

      Meeting time: July 28, 2016

      Venue: Beijing China Science and Technology Hall

      Sponsored by: China Printing Science and Technology Research Institute

      Beijing branch printing media culture Limited by Share Ltd

      Dusseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

      Conference organizer: Branch printing network drupa2016 official designated media cooperation

      The future of the printing industry in the future

      The most authoritative industry trends report drupa

      The site released the 2016 report on Chinese drupa printing industry trend and enlightenment"

      Future trends, close at hand!

      The main forum to witness the latest printing technology

      Foreign experts interpret the new global printing

      The well-known manufacturers drupa style reproduction

      Not out of the house, that the trend of printing!

      Forum 1: focus on intelligence and automation

      To improve efficiency and reduce the cost, this is a permanent topic for printing industry.

      The exhibition in return, R &amp; D brand makers to improve efficiency and reduce cost, optimize process, enhance environmental protection, which have new ideas and new tricks?

      Sub forum two: focus on digital and value-added

      Which is the strongest?

      The latest digital applications add value geometry?

      Packaging, labels and digital combination can bring new business opportunities?

      Open the door to the future, a full touch of digital technology innovation in the future value-added road.

      There are 150 free places, a limited number of first come first served!

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